Our new routine is coming along nicely already! We’re onto the chorus now with choreography inspired by the show ‘On Your Feet!’

Everyone in class is picking it up really well and it’s nice having some new lovely ladies joining us.

Only four VIDEO classes left until we break up for Christmas and week 3 is the last chance to join this year! (Monday 18th November!) After that we close the course and finish the routine with the ladies we have.

I’ve been so inspired by The Rockettes this term that I’ve even gone to a couple of tap dancing classes. It’s part of the plan to become a Rockette 😄 I’ve got the shoes now I’ve gotta tap and get both legs doing eye high kicks and I’m basically in 😂

These are my tap shoes I had when I was 15!

I almost forgot to take pictures this week in class so we did a selfie at the end of the morning class.

9 Classes til Christmas.

Fitsteps was good fun too this week! We started all new routines at the start of this term and I love our Tango routine and love the Queen routine that we’ve started!

I do take requests in this class if I can! I like to use songs that my ladies have asked for as long as I can make them fit for a dance so if anyone has anything they’d love to dance to in the new year then let me know.

We will start Christmas routines soon too. Last week of November is my plan, I think it’s acceptable to start them then!

Full Santa costumes and tinsel props ready by week 6? 😄

Fitsteps can be joined at anytime unlike the VIDEO class because it is lots of little routines so easier to pick up at any point but I do ask that newcomers book onto a 3 week trial. So there are four classes left this year! Still time to join and learn the Christmas song routines and bust out the moves on Christmas Day!

My FAB Fitsteppers!
10 Classes til Christmas

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