We have just started our final dance fitness course of 2019! So that means we have 12 classes left until Christmas.  (Technically 18 classes but I teach the same class twice in one day.)

I’m going to try and remember to write a little bit about the classes each week for our countdown.  It is our second year as DanceA and it is so nice that I have so many ladies that have been dancing with me for at least a year.  Five ladies have pretty much been with me since day one! 

Today we started week one of our last VIDEO® Dance Fitness course.  The theme this term is 80s then Musical! We are dancing to songs that were popular in the 80s and later featured in musicals. We have a two song warm up and then learn a routine over the six weeks so we did the first chunk today.

The choreography is inspired by musical theatre, most of my ladies know that I love musicals, any excuse for a showgirl pose! And it is also inspired by my obsession with The Rockettes!

My three life goals are

  1. Own La Ducas (The shoes worn by the Rockettes.)
  2. See the Rockettes in NYC.
  3. Be a Rockette!

I’m pleased to say I have completed level 1! There is hope for me yet!

The dance this term is, ‘1,2,3’ by Gloria Estefan inspired by our trip to On Your Feet! earlier this year.

Everyone did really well in today’s class, I love seeing the routines come together and every time I say I’m going to film week one and I really should to show how well everyone progresses.

My ladies are going to be a wonderful chorus line by week six!

VIDEO is open to newcomers until week 3 and then we close to new people to allow us to finish the routine and then re-open at the start of the next course which is every half term in line with Birmingham school dates.



11 Classes Til Christmas

We also had a Fitsteps class after the evening VIDEO® which was good fun! Last term was my first batch of Fitsteps and we had a lovely group of ladies in class and everyone did really well learning the routines.  Our featured routine was Charleston, a real pulse raiser! My record heart rate so far is 182!

Tonight we started learning some new routines and had two new warm ups too! A 90s classic and a musical theatre song.  I like to use a lot of songs from musicals in Fitsteps but also throw in a few retro classics, I love anything 80s and had requests for Queen so thats coming up soon!

You can join Fitsteps anytime because it is lots of little routines so it doesn’t matter if you miss a couple in the term you can still pick it up.

I ask new people to sign up for a three week trial.  Firstly, it helps to keep tracks of payment and numbers.  Secondly, with Fitsteps I throw out a lot of new stuff in the first class so I think it is important to give yourself a couple of weeks to get into it!

Bookings are open now so select the trial option to come and join us! 

Well done ladies for the hard work in classes today – 10 classes left this year!

Click to book a trial class!
12 Classes til Christmas

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