We made it… another dance completed and DanceA’s VIDEO done for 2019!

We had lovely classes on Monday, thank you to my loyal award winning ladies. (I’ll write another post on that subject!)

I’m very proud of how our Rockette inspired dance worked out.  You’ve all worked really well on this dance and it looked so good especially the kick line!

Next term we are moving onto Dance Movies 2: Electric Boogaloo – bonus points if you get that reference.  Our main routine is going to be Fame! Legwarmers welcome!

Brand new warm up and cool downs too so perfect chance to come back if you missed last term or new comers welcome. We return on Monday 6th January 2020.  The 20’s! Hope to see all of my lovey ladies back again and some new faces too.


1 Class til Christmas!

Our last Fitsteps class was pure Christmas this week! We did some one off songs that will not be back until next year but I will be bringing some of those moves back in the new year!

I think my favourite was the American Smooth that I sneaked into VIDEO too, a lovely Ginger Rogers feeling.

We’ve covered loads in Fitsteps in these two courses considering we only started in September we’ve got loads of routines! I’m going to bring some of the older ones back in the new year as we only did some of them a couple of times so we’ll re-do them and I’ll add in some new ones and maybe bring back a swing tap, swing tap, swing tap a kick and slide and a kick and slide since that seems to be the most memorable!

Thank you to everyone who has been to my classes this year and helped me to keep dancing!

Merry Christmas!

2 Classes til Christmas!

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