Only one week of classes left!

It was nice in class this week because we had a mix up! I always say when people join that they can come to either class or both but most people tend to stick to one but this week we had a mix and it turns out most of my ladies know each other through old dancing connections so it really does help with the dancing community. 😊

In all the class this week there was a lovely community feeling. I had loads of good chats with everyone this week!

The dance is all done too just one more week of practicing and we’re ready for the stage 😃

I’m going to try and make a little compilation video of this year because it’s been a true testament to Keep on Dancing!

Nailing the showgirl sequence!

3 Classes Til Christmas!

Fitsteps was really good fun this week as we did mostly Christmas songs! I will do them all again next week and maybe sneak in a couple more!

Every Christmas song fits for a Jive! 😄

Remember Fitsteppers, please let me know if you have any requests as I have already started working in January’s routines so always open to ideas!

You know I love all things 80s and musicals so if you want something different thrown in let me know.

Feel free to wear Santa hats/ sequins/ tinsel this week… it is also awards week!

Keep dancing!

I forgot to take a photo in the evening class so here’s another one of my morning ladies!

4 Classes til Christmas

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