Wow this course seems to be going really fast!

We have kinda rush finished the whole routine now and have two weeks to Rockette it up and perfect it ready to go on stage!

We’ve had a small group this term with a lot of my regulars unable to do this term but we’ve kept dancing and it’s been a good term so far and the dance is looking good!

I’m so proud of everyone that comes to my class, everyone has danced literally and metaphorically through various challenges in life and it’s exactly what I wanted DanceA to be all about.

I always wanted to create a dance community and it’s working!

Love a Fosse pose 🎩

5 classes til Christmas.

In Fitsteps this week I snuck in a Christmas song! I put my tree up on 21st November so I thought it was safe.

It’s never too early to be happy about Christmas!

We did a Christmas Jive/ Swing Jive fusion and everyone picked it up really well. I’m looking forward to adding more Christmas spirit into the next two weeks.

So many Christmas songs work for Jive! I’ve got 2 jives and a jive/ jazz combo!

I forgot to take a photo in the evening class, I’d done so well remembering up until now so I’m gonna finish with this little message.

Last week I mentioned that I’d been to tap classes, when I was around 15/16 that was my dancing peak, I used to do ballet, tap and jazz at a dance school and jazz and contemporary after school and ice skating on Saturdays.

As life goes on we often sacrifice things that we once loved but I really believe in “remember who you are” (in the voice of Mufasa from The Lion King!) and I believe in going back to things we once loved which is why I love these classes being mostly made up of people who used to love dancing but stopped going.

So going back to tap and dreaming about being a Rockette and watching Gene Kelly videos helps to keep me, me!

In festive spirit and in the theme of keeping me real, I did this…

Always a showgirl pose 😂
Don’t forget to be you! ❤️
6 Classes til Christmas

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