We are now halfway through our final course of 2019!

I love how this routine is coming together it has got a lovely party showgirl vibe to it and everyone has picked it up really well.

Also love bringing back the props but this time it’s only for our cool down. This cool down is a bit abstract, it’s a song from A Chorus Line so we had to bring back hat props but it’s good fun. We always have a cool down song which is like a mini routine, slower and often more repetitive than the main dance and then we have a cool down song that’s just a stretch but a ‘dancey’ stretch not a fitness stretch. This term we are doing the stretch to She’s Like the Wind.

Loving the cheesy warm up too despite my love for all things RETRO CHEESE! This actually looks pretty cool when everyone does it!

Three weeks of dancing left! It will look so cool by week 6! Inner Rockettes will shine!

7 Classes Til Christmas

Fitsteps has been a bit quiet this half term but it’s still been good fun and means that I can break things down and chat to people a bit more without holding it up for everyone else so I kinda like both sides of classes.

I love busy and meeting lots of new people and seeing them all pick up the moves and make friends with each other but I also like the friendly relaxed smaller classes too where people can share memories and experiences!

When I very first started teaching my morning class only had one lady at first and she was lovely and that kind of chatty class is nice too!

Anyway… I’m adding in a Christmas routine next week! I think it’s time for a little Christmas jive and then I’ll add in a few more for the two December classes!

Newcomers are still welcome to join Fitsteps right up until the end! Video is closed until the new year!

🎅 🎄⭐️

8 Classes til Christmas

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