Right, that’s it! Time for a rant. I’m sick of the hate for Ashley! 

From the minute I knew she was taking part in Strictly she was my favourite. I knew she’d be the best. I’m not even a Pussycat Doll fan, I’m a dance fan! 

See! Back in August I was already voting for her!

I love Kimberley Wyatt too. They have both been judges on various dance shows as a result of being pro dancers. They are wonderful and deserve all dance related screen time.

So why do the British public hate Ashley?! 

Why do they want non dancers to take part and win? 

My first theory is that some people are miserable and insecure. As a result they do not like to see anyone be good at anything because it makes them feel bad about themselves who aren’t good at that thing (or anything so they believe!)

Happy people are happy for people. End of. 

I think people want to see a non dancer win because it would make dancing less of a pipe dream and more achievable. 

If Strictly was a show filled with pros it would be merely entertainment with very little aspiration. (Dance Aspirations) 

We’d watch it and think “woah!” It’s cool but my body would never do that. When we see the likes of Ed Balls, Ann, Susannah and anyone else in that ‘joke’ category non dancers love it because a) they are probably a better dancer so they feel better about themselves and b) you think “yeh I could do that” Anton would be able to drag me round by my ankles, no problem! 

And so to see a non dancer win would give people faith and hopefully confidence that actually they could learn to dance and it’s never too late. 

That’s a true fact! It is never too late to dance but you’ve got to dance your dance on your stage. You shouldn’t be comparing yourself to anyone anyway. 

So get over the dancer/ non dancer drama of Strictly and admit that she is wonderful and deserves to be there! 

We should also point out that the majority of Strictly celebs are just that, celebs! Which means they’ve most likely been through stage school and have vast performing arts experience which sets anyone up very well for dancing! 

Even the journalists and news readers have experience speaking publicly, dealing with conflict, working with TV crews… all factors that would give an advantage to taking part. 

I think it’s time to enjoy the entertainment that dancing brings. 

If the non dancers are encouraging everybody to start dancing then yes that is a wonderful thing but ultimately even if it gave all of the ‘normal’ folk confidence and happiness in dancing… we’d want to step it up and be more like Ashley or the pros eventually! 

I’m a dance fitness instructor and can bust out a few moves but I’m not done there, I’m still aspiring to be a Rockette! 

Me trying to be a Rockette (this is their dance studio in NYC!)

One final point before I shut up… Ashley isn’t a ballroom dancer! She’s a theatre dancer. As Craig has pointed out several times – thanks Craig! So she is out of her comfort zone and if having theatre dance training gives her an advantage we could literally nit pick and find an advantage for everyone. 

Stacey reports intense news stories so she has the fearless advantage, Joe is a YouTuber so he has confidence on camera advantage, Faye – are we forgetting she’s also a dancer? 5, 6, 7, 8 isn’t ballroom either but nobody seems to care that she is also a dancer, Lauren is an athlete so she’s fitter and has the advantage of being able to endure longer training hours. 

We could be really miserable and keep finding fault and things to moan about or we could just enjoy the flipping dancing! 


Ashley To Win!

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