If you’ve been to my classes you’ll know that the last class of term ends with a speech and certificates and the meaning of the motto ‘Keep on Dancing’. This year has truly tested that motto and dancing genuinely is the time of the week where I can just be me and not think about everything else.

At the end of the year I like to make the awards ceremony a bit better and give out more awards. I think its important to acknowledge how hard my ladies work in class but not just physically but how well they work mentally, they’ve all danced through so much and I’m lucky that most of my ladies have stopped back late or arrived early for some lovely chats over the year and I think we’ve all helped in various ways.

It’s so rewarding to see my ladies laughing together or sharing life stories and advice.

So I like to acknowledge that with a Showgirl of the Year award!

I started this in 2018 – after I’d been teaching just under a year and I thought it was important to bring back this year. Read about last years winners here!

So this years

Showgirls of the Year were…

Janet in the morning class.

I chose Janet for her loyalty. Not just to me and the class on a Monday morning but consistently online and offline. She is always spreading the word and sharing DanceA ads and news and I really appreciate the support so she was my winner for 2019. She is also the type of person who welcomes everyone and gets on with all of the ladies and it helps to create my dance community goal!

Elaine in the evening class.

I chose Elaine for commitment. She has been with me for a year (also earned VIP status this week!) and has had a couple of private lessons – not by choice but we had a couple of weeks where everyone was on holiday or sick but we kept dancing anyway! She is also a very likeable person and we’ve had some good chats and she won our charity raffle this year too by kindly donating to our Shine Walk for leukaemia research.

I also introduced two new awards.

Fitstepper of the Year.

Even though we only just started I wanted to start as I mean to go on so keep on dancing is important in this class too. As I was about to announce the winner somebody said “I hope it’s you” and that was partly why she was the winner because she brings this lovely enthusiasm to class that is contagious and helps share the smiles!

So my first winner was… Mary.

Keep on Dancing Awards.

I’m aware this is going to be a little bit biased because I know their life stories but I wanted to acknowledge that Keep on Dancing comes in many forms.  So this award is for somebody that has kept dancing.

In my morning class my sister Carly got this award because she has gone through a divorce this year and managed to keep dancing (and laughing) through it all so I want to acknowledge that even if you’re going through a crap time, dancing will help! Not just for sisters, even if you don’t know me trust me dancing will help.  You can dance through anything!

In my Fitsteps class my other sister Michelle got this award for ‘Keep on Running’! She started running (again) after my little boy was diagnosed with leukaemia and she hasn’t stopped! I’ve lost count of her medals; Race for Life, Shine Walk, all Wolf Runs, Half Marathon x 2, runs everyday! So I thought she could add a keep on dancing medal! She has never danced until my class she only originally joined to support me but she is proving my point that everybody can dance! It’s just walking (or running) one foot after the other!

Well done to everyone who has danced with me this year! Keep dancing wherever or however that might be. Xx

Awards Ceremony!

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