I recently wrote about my life and DanceA motto ‘Got to keep on dancing…’ and I’m now scheduling and setting up new classes on my DanceA timetable in addition to ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness.

I’m going to start teaching Darcey Bussell’s DDMIX soon and the story of me becoming a DDMIX instructor is another example of ‘Got to keep on dancing…’ and not giving up until the curtain metaphorically closes!

Well, it was November 2017 when I officially decided to go into Dance Fitness as a job, my maternity pay had ended and my leave would officially be over in January 2018 so I had some time to sort out the official documents and courses to set up DanceA.

I booked onto a DDMIX course for December and the night before I was due to travel to London by coach as it was a Sunday and no trains would get me there early enough, this happened…

So what did I do?

Flipping well danced through the snow didn’t I!

So I got to Birmingham Coach Station on time, the coach left on time but the journey was crazy.  I actually thought I’m going to just be stranded on the M40, it was getting worse.


When I finally arrived in London, 3 hours later and 2 hours late for my course… No snow in London.  Well, just a little flurry, nothing compared to the Brum Blizzard.

Luckily for me, Giselle the CEO of DDMIX, was very understanding and let me join in late and I hadn’t missed too much and as I’d taken DDMIX classes before I was able to catch up ok and passed my assessment! Woo!

One of the assessment criteria was ‘Motivation to teach’, well I could never have failed on that one could I?

Coming back I was able to get a train, sat in first class and then walked from my local station through the snow.  I love snow but this was an extreme day even for me! Playing in snow yes, walking in snow yes, trekking to London in crazy conditions…. why the hell not!

I went back to London a couple of months later, minus the blizzard and also completed the DDMIX for Schools workshop too.

Although the journey wasn’t as adventurous I was still proud of myself because I drove to London for the first time ever!  I’ve always said I’d never drive to London (because it’s out of my comfort zone) but I did!

So I am officially a DDMIX instructor after my snowy adventure and will be starting classes on Monday mornings in Kings Norton after my ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness class, more details will be posted soon so follow my Facebook page to stay updated.

I hold 30 a minute DDMIX class on Monday mornings in Kings Norton. Email me jo@dancea.co.uk or message me on Facebook – Dance Aspirations. 

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