This is the motto for On Broadway® Dance Fitness and I think it’s a great quote because it’s a really nice way of saying – “Don’t give a shit what anybody thinks of you!”

If you want to dance you should dance.  Whether that is at home in your underwear, at a club, in the aisles of the supermarket or signing up to a dance class… everybody should dance.

Dancing brings so much happiness and has the added bonus of keeping you fit.  I’ve got a couple of little anecdotes to share how I’ve lived up to this quote.

Nobody is watching…

I’ve been going to ballet classes with my current dance school for 8 years, a couple of years ago the school introduced mirrors.  Naturally, I hated it.  I shied away from being ‘in’ the mirror and would conveniently place myself at the edge of the hall so I’d barely show in the mirror.

I didn’t want to see my fat legs and watch myself self consciously.

Then one day I don’t know why, I decided to stand in the middle and look in the mirror.  Would you believe it, I danced better! When I did a tendu and back, it was shocking how it wasn’t actually back! I wasn’t closing in 5th at all, it wasn’t anything.  So I started actually looking in the mirror and making sure I was closing where I should be.

It wasn’t long before I got used to the feeling of where it should be and was able to dance to a better standard.

After a few weeks I was dancing away and I decided to stop looking at my feet and look up and guess what… nobody was watching.

Nobody is watching! Everybody was concentrating on their dance.  Their stage. Their life. So you most definitely should dance like no-one is watching because the chances are… they’re not!

Ok, sometimes they are watching…

When I got married in 2016, with my love of dance I obviously wanted to do a routine.  Not a standard slow dance but a full on routine.  Our wedding had a HIMYM theme (How I Met Your Mother – the TV programme.) So we decided to recreate one of the routines from the show.

It wasn’t exactly perfect but we did a bloody good attempt but the point of this story is, everyone was watching but we didn’t care.  We were dancing our dance and just focused on our little world!  We had the best day and enjoyed the build up to our wedding by practising our routine in the living room.


So I think they’re your two options.

  1. Dance the crap outta life because no-one is even looking so you might as well!
  2. Everyone is watching but pretend they’re not – focus on your world and have fun.


“Dance Like No-One is Watching.”

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