I’m sure most of you agree, the news of Darcey Bussell stepping down as judge on Strictly Come Dancing is heartbreaking!  We all love Darcey.  She’s just perfect!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw that she was leaving!

I went on strike with Strictly after they got rid of Arlene, I did not rate Alesha at all but when Darcey joined I was back on board. Now what?!

I’ve been thinking about who I would like to see as the next judge, let me know your thoughts…

Louie Spence. 

I think he’s really cool.  He’s a bit of a marmite celeb, I think you either love him or hate him.  I often share clips of him, he is 50 and can still do backflips for Christs sake.  Louie has announced a tour of masterclasses this year, I’d love to go but I don’t think I’d be good enough!

I would like to see him as a judge I think him and Craig would bounce off each other well or really clash but either way it would be good entertainment!

An ex Strictly pro. 

I have always been a fan of Brendan Cole, I think he deserves a positive comeback.  He knows what he is talking about and has a lot of Strictly experience so I think he’d be a great judge.

Or Natalie Lowe, would be nice to have another classy lady on the panel and even up the male/ female judge ratio (assuming the other three are definitely back!)

They’re my two faves but any of the ex pros would be a great addition!

Ruthie Henshaw. 

The Queen of the West End! She’d be a wonderful judge, I think she’d be nice like Darcey.  Then again, Craig is the West End pro so maybe we need to mix up the backgrounds.  I just really like her! She’s been all three leading ladies in Chicago!

Matthew Bourne.

I love his shows and having the contemporary style would be a good input, completely different in style to the other judges.

(I’m still convinced my boys will be in the boy Swan Lake one day… I have tweeted and Instagrammed pics of my boys dancing but he hasn’t’ got back to me yet.)

Kimberley Wyatt.

My ultimate girl crush! Yeh so what if she’s a judge on every other dance show in the world, she’d fit on Strictly.  Although people would probably complain because she’s Ashley’s friend and the British public hate Ashley…

Or we could just make things simple and bring back Len Goodman or Arlene Phillips?!

What do you think, who should be the next judge?


Darcey is out, who will be in?

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