A few weeks ago, after my class somebody else turned up to use the hall and myself and some of my ladies were very happy to find it was a Pilates teacher!

The teacher is Katherine Cooper, a qualified Pilates teacher and Sports Massage therapist.  Follow her page on Facebook by clicking here for more info or to book a class. 

She said that she might be moving her class to Wychbold Village Hall (near Bromsgrove) and we said that we’d be very happy to sign up!

This year she has moved her class and I went to my first ever Pilates class last night, I’ve done ballet for years and body conditioning similar to pilates but this was my first official pilates class.

The class was actually surprisingly relaxing. Even though you can feel your muscles working it is refreshing!

pilates bromsgrove wychbold

Good things about this class;

  • You work at your own pace.  If you’ve never been before it doesn’t matter because most of the exercises have four levels so you can choose what feels best for you and go back down a level if its too much.
  • Equipment – the class uses various equipment to aid with strength and flexibility. We used blocks, resistance bands and balls.
  • You don’t feel self conscious.  With some exercise classes its easy to feel like a newbie or too slow but you go at your own pace and kind of forget theres anyone else there.
  • Relaxing.  Like I said it is relaxing.  At the end we do a full body stretch and Katherine says, “Imagine you’re on a lilo.” And you can really imagine it!
  • Well priced. This class is £6 pay as you go or £20 for 4 classes.  Any four classes so you can mix and match with other classes she does.
  • Knowledgeable teacher.  Obviously you’d expect all teachers to be properly qualified but Katherine’s knowledge was effortless when she explained the exercises and how to use your muscles.
  • A nice contrast to my class before this so after we’ve jumped around in leg warmers its nice to do this type of exercise.

If you aren’t familiar with Wychbold Village Hall it’s 10 minutes from Bromsgrove town centre, 2 minutes down the road from Webb’s of Wychbold. More info on location here.

You can book your place in the class via the Facebook page KCSIM. 



KCSIM Pilates

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