You can book your place in a trial class or dance fitness course online! Which class would you like to try?

If you’re an existing client and you’d like to order dance shoes click here!

Book your trial class using the Paypal link below!

Please note – the Lapworth course starts on 26th Feb! 

You can join the other classes up until 22nd Jan and then the group will close and the next chance to join will be 25th Feb.  





Retro Dance Fitness

All classes have £1 trials so you can come along and try it for just £1, if it’s not for you that’s absolutely fine there is no obligation to sign up but you are very welcome to book another £1 trial in a different subject.

You can have a £1 trial in every subject but only one per subject.

If you do not want to use PayPal you can email and request a payment link.

Once purchased you will receive an email notification.

Please note; £1 trials are non-refundable but you can transfer to another class twice if you miss your booked trial.  If you miss three bookings the payment is forfeited.