2018 was DanceA’s first year teaching classes and I’ve meant some lovely people and learnt a lot about teaching and business and life in general!

When I set out I always said I didn’t want to teach people to dance I wanted to teach them to Keep on Dancing.  I could write a book on the story to DanceA, it was revisiting a dream of my youth but the drama of adulthood that pushed me back to it! 

I have a dramatic life story but its nothing new, we all fight through battles everyday and so I like to acknowledge that when people fight through the bullshit of the week and make it to my classes so I decided to start a Showgirl of the Year award and I suppose it does kind of look like a loyalty award but there is a bit more to it than that.

Showgirls of the Year!

I decided to choose one for each class so these are the 2018 winners.

Hawkesley – Hayley.

I chose Hayley because she was somebody who I really wanted in my class, don’t get me wrong I want all of you in my class but when I met Hayley for the first time on an icy morning in my first class I thought she is the perfect fit for my classes! We talked about musicals and she had this perfect enthusiasm and I wanted her to come back! She didn’t come back for a couple of weeks and then she joined with her sister and I was so glad to have her back and she came to every class of the year since!

Hopwood – Jane.

At one point there were 5 Janes so it almost became a Jane of the Year award! Jane is my SOTY because she is just so nice! She’s always good to chat to and funny too.  Similar to Hayley, I instantly connected with her over a love for musicals, we had both recently seen 42nd Street and loved it so much! She has been a brilliant cheerleader for DanceA, always welcomes new people, brought two friends to class and even did 2 classes per week when I started my Monday evening class.

Wychbold (formerly Bromsgrove class) – Mandy.

I chose Mandy because she lied to me haha! When she came to my first ever Bromsgrove class she told me she couldn’t dance but would have a laugh anyway.  She has always been fun in class and moved over to Wychbold with me when we got kicked out of our hall! But… she CAN dance very well and always picks up the routines so she deserves to win for being a good dancer!

Showgirls of the Year!

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