I have a few things in my life that I am really passionate about and really do love! Obviously one of those things is dancing and a few other things on my happy list are; theatre, 80s music, retro cool (cheesy) and Aussie soaps.

I have a collection of show programmes, I have over 80 programmes! From Bette Middler in Vegas to Broadway – the West End and about half of my collection are from shows at Birmingham Hippodrome, my local! I just love a show.

My guilty pleasure is Aussie soaps, I don’t know why but they’re better than British soaps.  I reckon! Gonna watch them this arvo. My absolute favourite is Neighbours.  I have been watching it my whole life, love Home and Away too and my real guilty pleasure which is hard to come by these days Sons and Daughters.  I used to watch re-runs at 5am when I got home from working in nightclubs.



Combining all of those things, I was very excited when I discovered that Strictly Ballroom was being adapted into a musical!

I was in London a few weeks ago so I went to see it.

It is so good!

I highly recommend it if you are in London anytime soon.


Will Young stole the show for me, I always loved him back in the Evergreen days through to Leave Right Now, Your Game and on to Strictly Come Dancing.  His voice is just something else, his rendition of Time After Time is perfect and there are so many great songs in the show, all sang by Will.  His character is a newly created role for the musical, he is Wally Strand, the narrator for the show/ commentator for the ballroom competition scenes.  He is so funny.  I was laughing out loud several times. It’s a really well rounded character for a musical because he keeps the show flowing, adds comedy but then the singing is Will’s unique voice.

I can’t praise him enough.

Then the Neighbours fan in me loved the added bonus of Richard Grieve playing Les.  (Sam Kratz to the retro cool Neighbours fans! Richard was also in Home and Away.)

Scott and Fran were played by Jonny Labey and Zizi Strallen.  I had never heard of Jonny until the dance series ‘Dance Dance Dance’ which he won with his girlfriend Chrissy Brooke who is also in the show as Muriel/ swing.

The dancers were all amazing especially Fernando Mira who was an unexpected surprise, he played Rico, Fran’s dad and he teaches them flamenco.


The show is true to the original movie so if you love the original you won’t be disappointed by the musical.

Strictly Ballroom is currently showing at Picadilly Theatre in the West End – this is not an ad I just love musicals! Check it out, its amazing.


And the original…

Strictly Ballroom in the West End

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