As a lover of all things dance related, obviously I love Strictly and any of the dance comp shows out there; Think You Can Dance, Dance Dance Dance, DWTS – all great TV!

What about Dancing on Ice?

Well yes I do love it, I used to love skating when I was younger and Torvill and Dean are just absolute legends in my opinion.  I saw them on the Dancing on Ice tour a few years ago.

However, as a nation we seem to be much more into Strictly than DOI.  DOI doesn’t fill social media in the way that Strictly does and the pro skaters are pro skaters and don’t really become much more whereas the Strictly pros are often more of a celeb than their celeb partner!

Joanne Clifton has been touring in Flashdance, Anton is just a a Strictly legend now, many of them tour with their own shows after Strictly season.

So why do we love Strictly so much more?

I’ve got my own theory on this…

In life we tend to be drawn to things that we can relate to,so with Strictly – if you’re a pro dancer, hobby dancer or just like watching dance it is something on your level and you can relate to it.  You’ll understand the terminology and it is good entertainment.

If you would like to dance but don’t it it aspirational, the glitz and glamour and watching non-dancers become dancers makes you think, ‘I could do that.’

Whereas DOI…

This is a step too far from most people’s reality to be truly aspirational.  If you can skate, you can relate and it will aspire you to be better. If you can dance, you just need to learn to skate so again it’s aspirational.

But for most people there is no ‘I could do that’ or I could learn to do that, in the way that there is with Strictly because it’s two steps.  You’ve got to learn to skate AND dance/ perform on ice and it becomes a lot less relatable than Strictly!

So the best we get out of it is entertainment and it’s good fun (I love Jason!).

I’m sure there is a surge in people taking up ice skating but I bet it’s no where near the surge in taking up dancing and going to dance related events.

And that’s the other thing – there are few ice related events to go to! Other than the subsequent tour and Disney on Ice I struggle to think of any DOI inspired social activities.


The love of Strictly keeps going until the next series starts. I’m constantly looking at dance classes, dance workshop weekends, social media stalking the pros, looking at dance shows.

The love expands all year and I actually believe that I could learn to Jive or Rumba (my two favourite styles on Strictly) I can already dance so it’s not a step too far but as much as I love DOI, realistically for me to execute a triple Axel landing on one leg… probably never gonna happen!


What do you think? Do you think I’ve got a valid point or are you DOI over Strictly any day?

Just because it’s awesome…

We Love Strictly more than DOI!

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