Retro Dance Fitness is a brand new class created by Dance Aspirations and is an amalgamation of my two careers! I spent 13 years running bars,  12 of those years were in 70’s and 80’s themed bars.  I am a complete 80’s Queen, I still listen to vinyls and think I’m Madonna after a few drinks!

In 2017 I finally decided to follow the dancing dreams of my youth and trained to be a dance fitness instructor.  I’ve trained in various brands and franchises but wanted to create something that is unique to me and so I decided to combine my years of hosting hen parties and my new found experience as a Dance Fitness instructor and so VIDEO® Dance Fitness was born.

We dance to old school classics, primarily from the 80’s but there will be a hint of 70’s and 90’s occasionally – gotta love a bit of disco or boybands!

Did you love to dance when you were younger?

Did you recreate routines from music videos in your bedroom?

Did you take centre stage on nightclub dance floors?

VIDEO® Dance Fitness could be for you!

This class is all about dance nostalgia, we rewind back to our dancing days and recreate some iconic music videos and movie scenes from yesteryear!

Every class starts with a two song warm up and we then work on a group dance inspired by an iconic retro scene, we finish with a two song cool down.

We work on the routine for 6 weeks and move onto a new dance every half term in line with the Birmingham school dates.

Newcomers are welcome to join during weeks 1 – 3 and then we close the course to allow us to focus and finish the dance without anyone feeling left behind.

The class is suitable for absolute beginners or those with some dance experience.  Most of our ladies danced in their youth but haven’t danced for years and this is a great class to get back into dancing!

It is a relaxed, silly atmosphere where we come up with silly names for our moves and chat and laugh throughout the class!

There is no age limit, our ladies range from 30 – retired but anybody 18+ is welcome!

Trial class is £1 book on Facebook to secure your place or feel free to email if you have any questions.