DanceA runs two dance classes so I thought I’d write a little bit about the difference between the two to help people decide which class is best for them.

DanceA is a Dance Fitness provider which basically means that we teach dance fitness.  

There are dance classes and dance teachers and dance can loosely be broken down into three categories; theatre dance – most popular subjects are ballet, tap and jazz, latin and ballroom – think Strictly waltz, cha cha etc and world dance – Irish, Bollywood etc.

Then there are fitness classes and fitness instructors such as HIIT, Kettlebell, CrossFit, Step Aerobics – think classes you’d typically find in a gym.

And then there is dance fitness which is the bridge between dance and fitness so in a dance fitness class we basically take a bit of dance and a bit of fitness and create a class! If I say Zumba, most people can picture a dance fitness class – it’s a class set to music using some dance moves and some fitness moves.

I always follow the structure of a fitness I’m very strict on doing a 10 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down but I’d say the middle of both classes feels more like a dance class.

So which class would you prefer?

VIDEO® Dance Fitness

VIDEO is DanceA’s own class, it was created from my love for dance and all things 80s.  When I was growing up I used to love watching video’s (VHS tapes) of Moonwalker, Flashdance and Dirty Dancing and try to recreate the moves in my bedroom so that was really the seed and it grew from that!

I wanted to create a class to bring that nostalgia back so we dance to mostly 80s music and often ‘steal’ moves inspired by VHS videos or classic music videos (that’s why it’s called VIDEO)

In this class we do a 10 minute warm up which stays the same for 6 weeks and then the bulk of the class is learning one routine over 6 weeks so that by week 6 we have a group dance where we sometimes use props or have places and entrance/exits to the ‘stage’ so it feels like being part of a dance troupe!

We always finish with a 10 minute cool down which also stays the same for six weeks,  we run a new course every half term in line with Birmingham school dates and we start a new routine each course so over a year you’d learn six full routines.



Fitsteps is a branded dance fitness company created by ex Strictly pros Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite.  There are Fitsteps classes all over the country, to become an instructor you need to have a background in ballroom and latin (dance) or fitness instructing (fitness) because it is classed as dance fitness so instructors can come from either side.

I’m a Dance Fitness Instructor with ETM (Exercise to Music) so even though I’m not a ballroom dancer I can teach Fitsteps.

In this class we learn lots of little routines one after the other using 4 basic latin and ballroom moves in each dance.  So for example we’ve done Charleston routines where we have shrug, scuff, knee cross, crossovers and thats it – those 4 moves would just repeat through the dance so its easy to pick up!

In one class we’ll do 7-9 routines and always start with a warm up and finish with a stretch cool down.



I would say both classes are Dance Fitness but Fitsteps leans more towards Fitness and VIDEO more towards Dance.

Fitsteps is non stop but the pace is slower in VIDEO and we will break down the moves in more detail and keep re-capping but in Fitsteps we do the routine once and move on!

If you want to feel like you’re on Strictly choose Fitsteps.

If you want to feel like you’re in an 80s dance movie choose VIDEO.

If you want to sweat and burn loads of calories choose Fitsteps.

If you want to feel like part of a dance troupe with a finished routine choose VIDEO.

That’s probably a big difference that the sense of accomplishment comes at week 6 with VIDEO when it all comes together whereas with Fitsteps that accomplishment comes at various points and it more personal to you when you nail a particular step!

Or you could just do both! If you do VIDEO, Fitsteps is half price!

Book using the links below or message us or take a look around the website for more info

You can book a trial class here…

Gymcatch Trial class booking. 

All classes resume on Monday 6th January 2020 so click on the correct calendar date to select your class.  If you can’t make the first week, select the following week and start your trial then!

If you’re considering doing both classes, book both trials and if you decide to continue there will be nothing to pay for the remaining 3 Fitsteps classes, you’ll just pay for the remaining VIDEO classes. (£25 – £34 depending which week you join.)




Which class is best for me?

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