Dance Aspirations is a social enterprise company in Birmingham, UK dedicated to helping women rediscover their inner showgirl and rewind to their dancing days.

My name’s Jo and I’ve been a passionate dancer my whole life. I’ve managed retro nightclubs and always loved the music of the 1980s, and in 2016 I decided to turn my passion into a way to help other ladies dance, keep fit and discover their inner divas.

In early 2019 my young son was diagnosed with ALL Leukaemia which as you can imagine was a huge shock. Dancing with Dance Aspirations has been one of the constants in my life throughout his treatment and helped to keep me grounded and give me routine.

I firmly believe that dancing is a great way to help control stress and anxiety as well as keeping fit and healthy. #KeepDancingLittleTed has become a big part of what Dance Aspirations is about since then.