Just a little bit of background to where the names came from!

Dance Aspirations

I set up an idea called Dance Aspirations in February 2015! That’s when I opened a Twitter account! The original idea was to create a community for adult dancers. I was working full time as a bar manager at the time so I didn’t set it up to teach I set up this idea to find people like me.

Adults who danced as a child and wanted to come back so weren’t beginners but weren’t pros or had qualifications or anything… just people that loved to dance! So that’s what the original idea was, it was going to be like a forum I suppose where people could share dance classes and ways to get back to dancing as an adult.

That background did remain when it became classes because that is still my target audience I want to find adults that can’t find suitable classes! I found that there is a shortage of places to just go and dance for fun as an adult. There is fitness like HIIT and gym style classes or pro classes but not a lot in between! Dance Fitness has become much bigger in recent years which is what I am now but back in 2015 it was only really Zumba that people knew of in the Dance Fitness world.


The aspirations part is quite specific. On a simple level, it means dancers aspiring to be better. But the behind the scenes story is that when I was a pub manager there was this ‘pathway to corporate’ course called Aspirations. I always wanted to go into HR or Marketing via this course and I was constantly asking to go on it but repeatedly told that I couldn’t because my venue was one of the smaller sites… i.e. it didn’t take as much money as some of the others. I’d constantly argue but you are not putting the building on the course you are putting ME on it‽ It was apparent that most companies are more concerned with money than people so I decided to create my own Aspirations that I could own and look after people instead of numbers so that’s what I did. Dance Aspirations are much much fun than Corporate Aspirations anyway!


By the time I’d switched Dance Aspirations to being a business that teaches dance fitness I wanted to build a website and marketing and my hubby used to be a web designer and digital marketer so obviously I asked for his help and we were checking available domain names and danceaspirations.co.uk was available but he said don’t you think that will be difficult for people to remember and some will spell it wrong and just not bother.

So we came up with DanceA read as Dance A dot co dot UK I think it flows really nicely! And easy to remember and also it can read as Dance-A like mis-spelt Dancer! Which still sounds nice. So all of my social handles are @DanceAcouk which has kept it all consistent and easy to remember!


The logo, the font is an Easter egg… if you know you know haha! The A font is called BlackSword which I kept reading as Blackbird so it is a nod to Fosse! I just see a Fosse drip in there too, is it just me? The colour scheme is red, black and gold/dark yellow because I think those colours just seem like showbiz, stage colours! There is an intentional sparkle in the logo, a showgirl costume!