Term Awards

We really like to acknowledge the effort put in by our dancers. Often people will join and say they have two left feet or no co-ordination and by week 6 they are performing in a group routine in VIDEO or nailing the Fitsteps moves!

In children’s classes there are always medals and awards but never anything for adults! So we like to make sure everyones effort is recognised. Every half term everyone receives a certificate to acknowledge what they have achieved as a reminder to keep on dancing! For many of our ladies, they are returning to dance after years away or some are complete beginners and I’m always so proud of everyone when everything comes together and seeing them dance moves that they thought they couldn’t do!

Annual Awards

We also have our annual awards at the end of the year called the ‘Showgirl of the Year’ award and we also have a ‘Fitstepper of the Year’ award.


Our Showgirls were Hayley in the Kings Norton class, Jane in the Hopwood class and Mandy in Wychbold/ Bromsgrove class (we used to have 3 classes!)

Jane, Hayley and Mandy!


Our Showgirls were Janet in the Kings Norton class and Elaine in the Hopwood class and Mary was our Fitstepper!

2020 – 2021.

With all of the lockdowns and restrictions – everybody deserved a medal during 2020- 2021! Thank you to everyone who stayed with me through covid and in our little bubble of 6.

DanceA Superstars

Janet, Hayley, Clare and Carly in the Monday morning class.

Jane, Amanda, Mandy, Elaine, Jo, Lil, Michelle and Mary in the evening classes.

Keep On Dancing Awards

In 2019 I also introduced a medal award called the ‘Keep on Dancing Award’ for people who stood out to me as living out our motto to keep dancing through life. These are awarded as and when they are deserved! So far we’ve had Carly for dancing through a divorce! Michelle for running through life’s problems and then dancing too! And Hayley for being a perfect example dancing through life!

Carly, Mary and Michelle!