Anyone aged 16+ is welcome at DanceA, most of our dancers are ladies aged 45-65. We run a new course every half term where we start all new routines.

In VIDEOยฎ we learn one full routine over 6 or 7 weeks, in Fitstepsยฎ we learn lots of little routines in one class with a featured dance every half term.

DanceA was established in 2018 where we ran ‘On Broadway’ classes, we loved the musicals but I didn’t like being part of a franchise so I decided to start my own brand and VIDEOยฎ Dance Fitness was born in January 2019. I then added Fitstepsยฎ to the timetable in September 2019 which is a licensed brand rather than a franchise.

In 2018 the routines we learnt were; One, One Night Only, All That Jazz, We Love to Boogie, Top Hat and There’s No Business Like Showbusiness! Some routines involved props and we used props again in our new brand!

In 2019 we learnt; Maniac, Hanky Panky, When Doves Cry, It’s Raining Men and 1,2,3!

In 2020 prior to lockdown we had learnt Fame and we almost finished learning Flashdance… What a Feeling! Before classes were cancelled!

In Fitsteps we learn lots of little routines that generally have 3-5 moves per dance that rotate throughout the song, we do different dances each class but have one featured dance per half term which we do every class or do two versions of!

In September/ October 2019 we had the Charleston, November/ December was Swing Jive, January/ February 2020 was Foxtrot and March prior to lockdown was Bosa Nova!

We love to recognise the efforts of our dancers – see our Rewards and Recognition page for more info!