I’m Jo, Founder of Dance Aspirations.

I believe it is never too late to dance.

I have spent my working life as a General Manager running pubs and nightclubs but always had a passion for dance and continuously attended dance classes in my spare time.

I was 10 when I attended my first dance class, I started attending Jazz classes and continued Jazz through secondary school.  At the age of 15 I started Ballet and Tap.  I also started Contemporary classes and in my teenage years I attended 5 dance classes per week.

When I was 18 I was accepted onto a BA hons degree in Dance and Performance, I also started working in a nightclub.

My job was infectious and I embarked on a career as a bar manager instead of pursuing my passion for dance.  I loved my years at the ‘bar‘ but always wondered what life would’ve been like at the ‘barre’ instead!  Although, I did dance on my bar a lot.

At the age of 23 I started pointe work in my adult ballet class, proving to myself that I wasn’t too old and it wasn’t too late to dance.  I continued attending my ballet classes through my years as a Manager and have performed in 4 shows to date with the school.

When I was 31 I gained a BA degree with Distinction in Business and Enterprise. Once again proving that nobody is too old or past it to achieve their goals.

By this time I had also had an emotional journey with pregnancies.  I had a little boy in July 2014 that resulted in a life threatening emergency c-section and infection.  I went on to survive two miscarriages before having my rainbow baby boy in January 2017.

Throughout my pregnancies, I kept dancing! I was still doing pointe up until around 35 weeks with both my boys and I came straight back to dancing after my miscarriages.  “Keep on Dancing” became a motto for me, I had to metaphorically and physically keep dancing. Dancing kept me smiling.

After returning to work after my second little boy it wasn’t long before I decided to quit and follow my dancing passion.  I wanted to use my Business knowledge and passion for dance to create Dance Fitness classes for people like me!

So at the age of 32, I completed my Level 2 Dance Fitness qualification and qualified to teach Darcey Bussell’s DDMIX and ‘On Broadway’® Dance Fitness.

It’s never too late to dance.

If you always wanted to start dancing but never took the leap or if you danced as a child and long to return, Dance Aspirations could be what you’re looking for.

So if you want to keep on dancing, whether it is for physical reasons and you just want to keep fit or whether you’ve been through some hard times and want to escape from life’s stresses and dance… join me at Dance Aspirations on my journey from bar to barre!

My classes are suitable for complete beginners or those with dance training.  Our focus is to have fun, keep fit and keep dancing through anything life throws at us.